photo of OHS fleet of vehicles

Why "Outsiders"?

We first used “Outsiders” when we renovated and opened a cafe in Kelly Corners in May 2017.  That project has since turned into the snack company, Outsider’s Kitchen. We’ve grown pretty fond of the term and used it again when we started Outsiders Home Services in the fall of 2017.

We grew up in a close-knit community and very much desired to experience life where people didn’t recognize our last name, know all our extended family members or were familiar with our story…to be known and understood for simply who we are without the weight of expectations. Our move to the Catskills was one of embracing downward mobility; we traded steady jobs, a built-in community, square footage, and security for a little cabin on the side of a mountain where we could dream, create, and grow. We became “outsiders” in every sense. Entrepreneurism is ingrained in our genes. We both came from multi-generational family businesses, and appreciate the drive to work hard and HUSTLE while building a business all your own. We love providing jobs for our community members and investing in people that share our dream and common goal to, very simply, “work hard and be nice to people”.

It is our hope that Outsiders Home Services helps you feel at home in the Catskills, providing peace of mind with contact if a problem or renovation project comes up.

Austin at jobsite